Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bob Ehrlich for Governor!

It's official. Bob Ehrlich has finally thrown his hat in the ring for Governor. Everyone knew that he was going to run, but no one knew if he was going to run.

I think the sentiment in Maryland, and across the country for that matter, is very anti-establishment, just like it was 4 years ago when the Republicans were in office. This time it's the Democrats. However, since a good chunk of Maryland is such an anti-Christian Socialist-leaning state, especially down in Montgomery County, I'm still not sure if he can win.

I do think, however, that his chances this time are better than they were during the last election when America had had enough of the Republicans, the war, and the economy and booted the bumbs out. I'm all in favor of booting the bumbs out. As I've mentioned many times there needs to be higher turnover in politics and I would love to see term-limits.

This time, the economy still sucks. Maryland's unemployment is still hovering around 10% and Martin O'Malley should not be rewarded for that.

The Democrats in Congress have passed massive legislation committing trillions of dollars to a new health insurance program. Not we have to figure out how pay for it. Obama said it will be paid for by eliminating middle-men and streamlining operations. For anyone that has ever owned a business you know that this is mostly bullpoop. So now we really have to figure out how to pay for it. And since Martin O'Malley is a Democrat, he is guilty by association and should not be rewarded for bankrupting our children's future.

Martin O'Malley said that he was going to stop BIG utility companies from raising their rates. He lied. He let them raise their rates. Not once. But several times. And in exchange for raising rates, he got Constellation Energy to give away millions of dollars. Having Martin O'Malley in the pockets of BIG utilities is no different than Republicans being in the pockets of BIG utilities, so since Martin O'Malley lied, he should not be rewarded with another term.

Another thing to consider is that while Democrats outnumber Republicans 2-1 in Maryland, that statistic is misleading. Many people are registered as Democrats because the Republican party is so small in Maryland. Take my parents, for example. Both are registered Democrats because they know that voting in the Republican primaries is not going to have much of an impact, so if they can choose the most moderate Democrat, they can pull the political thought closer to the middle where most Americans really stand.

So here is my prediction - if Republicans come out in force and ALL vote for Ehrlich and a bunch of Democrats also vote for him and Democrats are disillusioned or over-confident and don't show up at the polls, he has a chance to win. However, if O'Malley's hypnotising babbling rhetoric convinces people that he's a political god, then Ehrlich will lose.

Let's hope that I'm not confident enough in my predictions.

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