Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tiger Woods' New Hat

Is anyone else tired of hearing about Tiger Woods? For crying out loud he's just an athlete. I went to the gym yesterday and when I got on the elliptical, they had breaking news on ESPN that Tiger was going to play in the Master's.

Fantastic. He's coming out of hiding after cheating on his wife and getting his ass kicked by her. Is some sort of hero now? Seriously - he has one of the hottest wives on the planet and he's two-timing with $20 whores and cocktail waitresses? Yes, I understand that he has a problem. That's kind of obvious in more ways that one. Do I have any sympathy for the billionaire athlete who destroyed his marriage and drove a wedge (or was it a 3-iron) between himself and his wife and children? Hell no.

Thirty minutes later when I finish my workout - they are still S.T.I.L.L. talking about Tiger Woods. Now they have special guests calling in to give their opinion about what this means for Tiger, golf, the Master's, ESPN, America, and the Federal deficit. OMG. And I hate golf, so it was a terrible workout. They could have put Ellen on the television and I would have been happier.

But there is good news in this. Because of Tiger's infidelity, he will be wearing a new hat. This time it is a white cap with the scarlet letter A on the front. For those of you that attended public schools in Baltimore City, you'll have to read this.


Charm City Kim said...

at a quick glance, I really thought he was wearing a hat with a letter "A" on it!

And schoolchildren - READ The Scarlet Letter, don't watch the piece of crap movie starring Demi Moore.

wildman said...

Your take on this "role model" is spot on. But this is the nature of America today. Billions for sports, but Johnny still can't read.

noo said...

On an unrelated topic, do you know of the British composer Eludius? I'm googling for a particlar composition and only your name comes up.

Eludius said...

I am not aware of a composer named Eludius. Perhaps I'm much more famous than he is. :-)

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