Thursday, June 19, 2008

Play Ball!

My boss gave me 2 tickets to the Orioles game for last night. He also gave 2 tickets to the guy sitting next to me. Ironically, both sets of tickets were next to each other. AND we all live in Eldersburg, so we all went together. I brought my son. He brought his boyfriend.

Both of us brought our cameras. I had my Nikon D40x, which took nice pictures of the field. He, however, had his Nikon D80, which allowed him to take pictures of the players. Oh, and girls. So today's post is pictures and comments.

First, here is the beginning.

And here is the end.

I felt sorry for this girl. Nice looking girl. Probably in her early 20's. She was drinking a beer. But (I said butt) she showed up by herself and stayed by herself the entire game. No one talked to her. She never uncrossed her legs. She just watched the game. I felt so bad that I wanted to have her come over and sit on my lap and let me give her a hug.

Here's the broadcast booth. That's Gary Thorne with the light hair and the smile on his face. That dark haired guy is Jim Palmer. I suspect that he's thinking of something to say about himself.

The Orioles hitting into a double-play.

Some guy from the Astro's daring the umpire to throw him out of the game. Other than the game winning single, I think this got the most cheers during the game.

I wish I was the Orioles Bird.

These crazy guys were sitting in our row. They look like a couple of lunatics. Is that a Winnipeg Jets hat? Who the hell are they?

This is the game-winning single by Kevin Millar.

Adam Jones scoring the game winning run.

Here's Kevin Millar getting interviewed by Amber Theo-Harris of Fox 45 News. I wish I was Kevin Millar. "Are you getting ready to pat my bum? May I pat your bum, Ms. Harris? Oh, no!"


FreeMarket said...

Did you see George Will or Steve Geppi?

Eludius said...

No, were they there, too?

Freemarket said...

I have seen them both there several times, but I don't know if they were there that particular night. Steve Geppi sits right behind the O's dugout in the very front row, and George Will sits a few rows back from that. Your pics are right around that area.

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