Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Pat Jessamy Hates White Victims

This may not be the case, but her office is sure giving this impression. In an recent interview, Margaret Burns, a spokeswoman for Baltimore City State's Attorney Patricia Jessamy, was trying to explain why her office decided to plea bargain with the criminals and basically let the murdering bastards go lightly. She stated that:

"The truth of the matter is, Zach's injury was on one side of this face, and he looked like a sleeping baby when he arrived" at the hospital. "The injuries were not consistent with this horrible pummeling. ... We know he was kicked, he fell and hit his head, he fell between two cars. He probably injured something in the fall or he had a pre-existing condition. There was no evidence of the vicious beating, no evidence of stomping."

This is not coming from the public defender. This is coming from the prosecution! Sadly, Anna Sowers' comments about her first encounter with Zach after the beating:

"He did not look like a sleeping baby," she said. "I saw him in the hospital. He looked like a used pinata. His eyes were the size of golf balls. His head the size of a basketball. He was wrapped in bandages soaked in blood. I didn't even recognize him."

I guess this is why they call it the "Criminal" Justice System and not the Victims Justice System. There is no justice for victims. In Patricia Jessamy's eyes, it appears that justice is when criminals get out of jail early. If I ever get elected to a position of prominence, the 2 tallest buildings in Baltimore City will be Central Booking and the Baltimore City SuperMax Prison. Lock all the funkin' bastages up and don't let them out. There won't be much crime on the street if criminals are in prison. And if 85% of the city is locked up - so be it!!!

It's time for the current gang of incompetent city leaders to go. It is obvious that they have no intention of doing the "right" thing to help reduce crime. Patricia Jessamy has been a barrier to prosecuting criminals for years. And Sheila Dixon's answer to the recent spike in shootings in the city? "We need tougher laws." Tougher laws???? WTF is that supposed to mean? "Yo, Dogg. Don't be shootin' that bitch. There's a tough law against that!" "Homie! We better get off the drugs! Da' Mayor has some new tough laws against drugs. I don't want to get in trouble!"

Tougher laws are BS rhetoric coming from an incompetent mayor who has no freakin' clue about what to do about the thousands of shootings that occur on a yearly basis in Baltimore City. You have to be an absolute fool to live in Baltimore. Look at Martin O'Malley. Even he was smart enough to leave the city!

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MrsTwink said...

I resent your comment about being a fool to live in the city...

but regarding that crap about the city prosecutor, I couldn't agree with you more. It's beyond ridiculous and even devastating that this woman was supposed to be the VICTIM'S advocate. Instead she is sympathizing with the defendant? Are you f'ing kidding me? Perhaps we should let a bunch of teenagers beat the crap out of her and dismiss her injuries as a "pre-existing condition". What an asshole.

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