Thursday, August 02, 2007

Who's On Your Top Ten List?

A co-worker once asked me who would be on my list of people that my wife would let me trade her in for. This is, obviously, hypothetical, because the chances are to be too remote that it would ever happen.

One of the people on my list, and fortunately for the sanctity of my marriage, is no longer living and if she was, she'd be really old. She is Audrey Hepburn. I saw her in Breakfast at Tiffany's. Other than the fact that George Peppard (of the A-Team) was in the movie, so I thought I'd watch it. Then I fell in love with Audrey. Yes, the movie was made in 1961, like 25 years before I saw it the first time. She was very pretty, seemingly sophisticated (okay, I realize that she was an actress), and had an irresistible charm to her.

Earlier this year I saw her in My Fair Lady. She made this movie in 1964 with Rex Harrison. Same reaction from me. 00-la-la!
Last night, I watched Sabrina. No, I'm not talking about the teenage witch. This is the Sabrina that she made when she was 26 yrs old and it starred Humphrey Bogart and William Holden. How odd it is to have a crush on a lady who would be 78 years old!

So who else is on my list? It changes from time to time. And this is in no particular order.

1. Sara Foster - actress in the Big Bounce with Owen Wilson. I've never seen a bikini look so good.
2. Amy Acuff - Olympic High jumper. This one's kind of odd. But she's cute!
3. Sherryl Crow - she's not has hot as she used to be, so I'll say the Sherryl Crow from the 1990's.
4. Edie Brickell - this is about as Bohemian as this conservative gets
5. Maria Sharapova - she caught my eye before I was legally allowed to claim she was attractive. And whoever thinks that Anna Kournikova is hot is nuts. At least Maria can win at tennis.
6. Dina Napoli - former Channel 11 news anchor. Hell, I don't even remember what she looks like anymore, but I remember that she was easy on the eyes.
7. Jessica Simpson - yes, she's probably about as smart as Homer Simpson, but she's definitely the nicest looking Duke in Hazzard County.
8. Jennifer Garner - from Catch Me If You Can to Catch and Release, she's a cutie.
9. Sandra Bullock - she's in her 40's, but those brown eyes...
10. Angelina Jolie - so she's running a refuge camp our of her house. All I can say is that Gia is great on pause.
11. (bonus) Melissa Stark (seen left) - former University of Maryland girl, she's gone from ESPN to the Today Show, but she'll always be a touchdown on my screen.

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MrsTwink said...

Your list cracks me up. It really does change a lot.

You should print this list out and laminate it. You could carry it around in your wallet in case you do get to meet any of these women. It would be a great pickup line.

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