Saturday, January 03, 2015

June - A Month in Review

June started off with the sad news of the death of Ann B. Davis, better known as Alice from the Brady Bunch.  Oh, Alice.

Pop music sensation Miley Cyrus was robbed over the first weekend of June.  Reports indicate that the thieves got off with jewelry, her Maserati, and what was left of her reputation.

You'll recall that President Obama announced a time table for the withdrawal of troops from Iraq.  This was a controversial move, since most pundits predicted that the terrorists would just lie low until the soldiers were gone. Obama assured everyone that wouldn't happen.  And then it happened.  An al-Qaeda splinter group calling themselves ISIS have basically retaken Iraq.  Baghdad still stands, but Obama said no U.S. troops will be sent to help, but the Air Force will do flyovers to monitor the situation.  I'm glad that Obama clarified that the men and women of the Air Force do not count as troops.

Legendary disc jockey Casey Kasem passed away after months of sordid rumors of  his family's fight

In Maryland, New Yorker Anthony Brown, aka Martin O'Malley, defeated New Jersey-born Doug Gansler and Illinois-born Heather Mizeur.  Apparently Marylanders don't run for governor in Maryland anymore.

Facebook uses us as lab rabbits.  They decided that it would be funny to play psychological warfare with their users to see what would happen.  Now that everyone over 35 users Facebook as their sole source of communication with everyone, we're now committed to being their lab rats until something better comes along.

In tennis, Maria Sharapova and Rafael Nadal won the French Open.  I'm not sure if chicks dig Nadal, but as we all know guys only watch tennis to hear Sharapova have massive vocal orgasms on serves and returns.

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