Saturday, January 03, 2015

A Month in Review - December

December picked up what November threw down.  Protests and riots continued across the country.  Hoards of angry people are protesting the fact that a police officer shot and killed an unarmed teenager in suburban St. Louis neighborhood of Ferguson.  The teen struggled with a police officer when he tried to arrest the teen, then the teen refused to back down as he came toward the officer.  Let this whole incident put police officers on notice - if a perpetrator or a suspect gets aggressive with an officer, the officer must back down and allow the perpetrator or suspect to acquire the officer's service revolver and shoot him.  Any other action will not be tolerated.

In totally unrelated news, a white man was beaten to death in St. Louis by 2 black men and a Hispanic man.  St. Louis police chief Sam Dotson indicated that this incident doesn't appear to be race related, unlike the previous incident where the police office inappropriately tried to defend himself.

Kobe Bryant passed Michael Jordan for 3rd all-time on the NBA's scoring list.  Fortunately for Michael Jordan, no one noticed because a) no one gives a crap about the NBA anymore and b) Kobe Bryant is a jackass.

The anti-police / pro-Ferguson thug constituent celebrated on December 15th as a Baltimore Police Officer was shot and sent to Shock Trauma.  This same crowd is hoping that police have learned their lesson that they're not allowed to defend themselves.

The world lost its greatest writer ever in December with the death of Norman Bridwell.  Don't know Bridwell?  He was the author of the Clifford the Big Red Dog series.

Sony Pictures made a startling change in December when it decided to allow communist North Korea decide which pictures it could and could not release.  This is the first time in the history of Sony that a North Korean communist.has been in charge.

One of the hottest Christmas items of 2014 was Cards Against Humanity's box of bull shit.  They reportedly sold 30,000 boxes of it, though there are endless supplies available from your politician.

Roger Goodell reportedly informed the St. Louis Rams, the San Diego Chargers, and the Oakland Raiders that they may not move their teams to Los Angeles next year.  Ironically, all of these teams have previously played in Los Angeles and they all left.  There's a reason they all left.  All three of them.  Why does no one get this?

Rocker Joe Cocker lost his battle with cancer.  The singer, known for such hits as his rendition of With a Little Help From My Friends and You Are So Beautiful, was 70 years old.

The NFL regular season came to an end.  The ferocious 7-8-1 Carolina Panthers limped into the playoffs with a losing record, reflecting the power-house NFC South's ineptitude.  The day after the regular season saw the typical year-end firings, with Rex Ryan being the obvious coach to be fired, with Marc Trestman of the Bears, and Mike Smith of the Atlanta Falcons also getting their pink slips.  In a surprising move, legendary quarterback Kyle Orton announced his retirement, thus cutting short his big comeback to solidify his Hall of Fame career.

Another airplane disappeared around Indonesia.  People are now starting to wonder if the Bermuda Triangle has shifted to a new location.

Two army captains got phone calls that their wedding needed to be relocated at the last minute because President Obama decided he was going to play golf at the venue.  No word on whether or not they got their deposit back.  But knowing people's luck with Obama, they probably didn't get their deposit back AND they had to pay a fine.

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