Thursday, September 11, 2014

Ray Rice. Roger Goodell. What If....

Ray Rice's video of him bashing his fiance' in the face has been the talk of the country this week.  Supposedly, TMZ got a hold of the video and released it to the public, prompting the Baltimore Ravens to release Ray Rice, the NFL to ban Rice indefinitely, and George Steinbrenner to fire Billy Martin.

The sad truth of the matter is that the NFL is full of thugs and criminals.  It takes violent people jacked up on testosterone who have no fear of consequences to successfully play such a brutal game.  I'm reminded of interviews with Ray Lewis screaming, "It's war!  It's war out there!"  Um, it's a game, not a war.  But that's how NFL players think.

The Ravens claim that they never saw the video from the elevator until Monday.  The NFL claims it never saw the video from the elevator until Monday.  A reporter for the AP, however, claims that the video was sent to the NFL months ago.  Did the NFL have it earlier than they claimed?  Are they lying?

Roger Goodell became the joke of the league when he suspended Ray Rice for 2 games.  You have to believe that Goodell has been trying to figure out a way to get out of this debacle since his heinous decision.  Since the release of the video, throngs of people have been demanding Goodell's resignation.  This includes the National Organization for Women (NOW) and premier sports jackass Keith Olbermann, though ESPN's controversial racist personality Steven A. Smith said that the NOW president is off her rocker for demanding Goodell's resignation.  Perhaps Steven A. Smith also supports domestic violence.

I'm not sure if Goodell will resign.  But what if it comes out that he did see the video prior to making assigning the suspension?  Does the NFL fire him?  Will he resign then?

And what about the Ravens?  What and when did they really know?  Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti went as far as to write a letter to the fans detailing this information, but is it true?

If Bisciotti saw the video, or Newsome, or coach John Harbaugh and they pretended not to see it or cover it up, what happens to them?  Do Newsome and Harbaugh get fired?  Does the NFL force Bisciotti to sell the team like the NBA forced Donald Sterling to sell the team after he made a racist remark?  Can you imagine that article?  "NBA forces owner to sell team after racist remark, NFL spanks owner for covering up player's domestic violence."  Can the NFL take the team away from Bisciotti?  Can the NFL move the team out of Baltimore as punishment?  Can we lose our team?

This may be a bit of sensationalism, but if the investigations start revealing that more people saw the video and tried to cover it up, there could be dreadful implications for everyone involved.

And what about the New Jersey police?  Why did they not pursue this more than they did?  The New Jersey prosecutors allowed Rice to avoid jail time or probation by entering into a pre-trial intervention program.  As I understand it, they did see the video.  Is a video of a guy bashing his fiance in the face and knocking her out not sufficient evidence to charge him and incarcerate him?  Apparently, first time offenders are given leniency in New Jersey.  Beat a woman, join a program.  So I think what I just heard here is that if you want to get away with bashing your girlfriend in the face with your fist and knocking her out and not get into too much trouble, New Jersey is the place to do it.  They support first time offending domestic abusers.  Is that how you understand it?

My mama always told me to tell the truth, even when it hurts.  Unfortunately, I don't think everyone here is telling the truth.

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