Monday, September 08, 2014

Bye-Bye, Ray Rice

For several months Roger Goodell, the commissioner of the NFL, has be been wearing the Ass Hat.  What is an Ass Hat you ask?  It's the hat you wear when you deliver an absolutely ridiculous fine that doesn't fit the crime.

If you are unaware, which would be hard to believe if you're reading this blog as it implies that you're well-read and you know good reporting when you see it, Ray Rice was caught on surveillance camera at the Revel Hotel and Casino at the luxurious (tongue-in-cheek) Atlantic City, New Jersey resort dragging his unconscious fiance' out of an elevator.

Soon thereafter, the Baltimore Ravens said that Ray Rice was their guy and they supported him, and blah-buh-blahblah.  That's when Roger Goodell laid down the hammer with the 2 game suspension.  Oh, and the 2 game suspension was the same penalty delivered to Brandon Meriweather for smoking a joint.  Beating your fiance' unconscious.  Smoking a joint.  Definitely equal fines for similar actions.  Way to go Roger. In case you missed it, that was sarcasm.  I don't want you people with broken sarcasm detectors leaving nasty comments.

What Roger Goodell didn't expect is that the entire intelligent universe, including the good people from Abydos, speaking out against him and declare him the biggest idiot since another Roger, Roger Taney.  I hope you don't have to look that one up, but if you do, I'm glad that you did.

Then, after months of constant harassment, a video "suddenly" appears showing Ray Rice striking his fiance', now wife.  Ravens cut Ray Rice, though they are still on the hook his $14.5 million salary against the salary cap for the next 2 years.  Fortunately, the team is spared with actually having to pay him.  The NFL quickly follows up with suspending Ray Rice indefinitely so that no other team can pick up him.

Ray Rice celebrating the Ravens' Super Bowl victory in a parade in Baltimore.

Now, what is the truth?  I saw a repost of a Tweet that said, "The Ravens didn't release Ray Rice when they saw this video.  They released him after YOU saw this video."  It really makes you wonder what the Ravens knew and what the NFL, i.e. Roger Goodell knew.  Oh, and when they knew.

My theory?  The NFL did see the video and in fact owned the rights to the video.  Once Roger Goodell couldn't take the heat anymore, he released the video to TMZ who released it to the public.  All of a sudden Roger is no longer in the spotlight, and the Ravens' hand is forced.  Ray Rice is out of a job.  Women rejoice. The general public rejoices.  The NFL has washed it's hand of the matter.  Pretty good conspiracy theory right?  But is it really over?

Greg Hardy.  Darryl Washington.  Amari Speivey.  Michael Boley.  Leroy Hill.  Robert Sands.  Dez Bryant.  Do you know what these guys have in common?  All of  them have been onvicted or accused of assaulting their wife, their girlfriend, a child, or their mother, and the NFL did NOTHING about it.  Some of these players are still playing.  What will the NFL do about them?  Are they going to tolerate some players abusing people, but not tolerate others?  Whether the NFL wants to admit it or not, buy their job is not done.  In my opinion, Roger Goodell is still wearing the Ass Hat.

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