Thursday, September 11, 2014

House of Delegates Candidate Ryan Frederic Hates Carroll County?

The other day I got one of those political opinion phone calls asking if I'd provide feedback about the upcoming elections. Uh...sure!  I like to share my opinion, especially when my opinion is more in line with the facts.

The questions started off okay, asking me to rate current politicians on scale of 1 to 5.  Then the questions started getting interesting.  "Do I think Allan Kittleman is a bad choice for Howard County Executive?"  First of all, that's an unfair question.  Obviously this poll wasn't being conducted by an impartial group.  I asked the pollster why he cared what I thought about Allan Kittleman running for Howard County executive since I don't live in Howard County.  "Uh....what?  Uh.....I just ask the questions."  Okay, Sunshine.

Then the questions started attacking Gail Bates.  Do I feel positively or negatively about the fact that Gail Bates never voted in favor of a balanced budget while a member of the House of Delegates?  Do you mean increases in the budget without sufficient revenue sources or increases in the budget funded by higher taxes that are chasing businesses away from Maryland?  Yeah, I wouldn't vote for that either.

Then the questions started to focus on Democratic candidate Ryan Frederic.  Did you know blah-blah-blah?  Several of the questions focused on varying topics asking if I thought Ryan Frederic would have a positive impact for Howard County.  I prefaced each answer with, "I don't care about Howard County, because I live in Carroll County."

What I want to know is:

1) Did Ryan Frederic approve this poorly constructed poll?
2) Does Ryan Frederic realize that State Senate District 9 also encompasses Carroll County?
3) Does Ryan Frederic hate Carroll County?
4) If Ryan Frederic is elected, would he ignore Carroll County and its predominantly Republican-based constituents, just like Congressman Chris Van Hollen does?  Or would he ignore us more than Chris Van Hollen ignores Carroll County?

After hearing this poll and its flagrant disregard for Carroll County, I'm definitely less inclined to vote for Ryan Frederic whether he approved this poll or not.

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