Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Eldersburg Panera Bread Robbed

Did you hear that the Eldersburg Panera Bread was robbed last week?  Armed robbers waited outside for the manager to come out after they closed.  They then robbed her, then made her go back inside where the robbed the store, then they fled, presumably back to Randallstown.

Please be careful when leaving a store if you are the closer.  Closers should always leave in pairs and park their cars in lighted spots.  Look out the windows for suspicious characters loitering.  If something does not seem right, call the police.  There is no harm in that. 

Eldersburg is getting to be a dangerous area, so people need to become more conscious and aware of their surroundings.  Put down the phones.  Look around you.

This public service announcement is brought to you by Beretta, maker of mechanical self-defense items.


sevin said...

You stated, "Then they fled, presumably back to Randallstown". No where, in any of the articles I read, stated the direction of the fleeing robbers.
Do you know something the newspapers don't?

Eludius said...

Nope. Just being sensational.

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