Friday, September 12, 2014

Eldersburg Blockbuster - Demolition Has Begun!

The demolition of the former Eldersburg Blockbuster has begun, about 10 years after it should have started.  The site briefly served as the retailer of old arcade games and novelty items such as traffic lights and movie statues.

As you know, video rentals went the way of the dinosaur, or honest politicians.  Now the only thing left is to knock down the Big Lots and the Denny's.  Unfortunately, I think the Denny's is staying.

Remember the old Blockbuster?  Can you see the movie posters in the window?  Due Date, Red, and Town were the big hits.  Honestly I don't even remember those movies.  But I do think I still have $5.66 on a Blockbuster's gift card.  Where can I use that?


Shawn l said...

BigLots closes on October 17th :)

hussle87 said...

I found this online I hope this is a mistake.

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