Monday, August 11, 2014

National Night Out - A Week Ago

Last Tuesday was National Night Out.  All across the country, local law enforcement offices and fire departments gathered to show off their equipment and discuss crime and fire prevention with residents.  Local politicians like to get in the act as often times it is near an election and they want to keep their names fresh in people's minds.  That is, unless your local politician covers mostly Howard County and just a smidgen of Carroll County.

Carroll County Delegate Susan Krebs was on hand for the event, as always, as was future Maryland State Senator Gail Bates - she's running unopposed.  However, State Delegate Warren Miller was MIA.  I don't think Warren Miller cares about Carroll County.  Neither was Trent Kittleman there, presumably the next new delegate for the area.  Chris Van Hollen?  I know he's been to Carroll County once, but that was years ago.  I'm pretty sure he doesn't care about this part of his district.

There was free food - hot dogs, fries, burgers, and Italian ice from Victor's in Eldersburg, and after the event was nearly over, the unreliable and inconsistent Oscar's Ale House showed up with wings and something, but we were ready to leave.  There were other organizations there peddling their wares.

Eldersburg Sykesville National Night Out
The Carroll County Sheriff's Department was showing off its Crime Response Team armored truck.

The venerable 2012 Sykesville Freedom Pierce Pumper.

Nearby Gamber Volunteer Fire Department was showing off their International Dive Unit truck.

Getting a little artistic here.  Pretty cool, eh?

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