Monday, August 04, 2014

Eldersburg National Night Out on Tuesday August 5th!

This year's National Night Out will be Tuesday August 5th at the Sykesville Freedom Fire Department from 6pm until 9pm. 

If the event if like others, there will be firetrucks on display, perhaps a helicopter, police cars, booths from local business with lots of handouts, and free food samples from many local restaurants.  Local politicians also congregate there, such as Maryland House of Delegates member Susan Krebs and County Commissioner Doug Howard.  I wonder if new delegates Warren Miller and Trent Kittleman and State Senator Gail Bates will be there.  I have yet to meet Delegate Miller and Delegate-elect (hopefully) Kittleman.

According to the Sykesville Freedom Volunteer Fire Department website, you'll also receive a smoke alarm for attending.

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