Thursday, August 14, 2014

Ocean City - Family Friendly?

And here is another reason why I have decided to not take my family vacation to Ocean City any more. 

A bikini-clad female has decided to use her right of free expression to perform a sexually suggestive pole dancing act on the boardwalk.  Ocean City pretends to portray itself as a family friendly destination, but with all the cussing, drugs, inappropriate tattoos, profanity, cussing, drunken and disorderly behavior, smoking on the beach, cussing, stabbings, shootings, smoking, and cussing, and now sexually suggestive pole dancing, I think I've made the correct decision.

What are your thoughts on the changing culture of Ocean City, Maryland?

Here's is proof that Ocean City is cracking down on the Boardwalk.  At least they said, "Please".

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