Saturday, February 01, 2014

Sandy Point Fishing Report

My son continues to insist that there are fish to catch in the winter.  To ease his anxiety, and get him off of my case, I occasionally take him.

He got a pair of hip waders and wanted to try them out.  I thought he'd want to try them out in a stream.  Nope. He wanted to try them out in the Chesapeake Bay.

I decided to take him to Sandy Point Park.  Shouldn't be anyone on the beach.  It was like 25°.  Yep, no one on the beach.  But there sure is a great view of the Bay Bridge, or more succinctly, the William Preston Lane Jr. Memorial Bridge, named after the 52nd governor of Maryland.

I think it goes without saying that my son caught no fish.  But he got some casting out of his system.  And he proved that his new hip waders don't leak.

Sandy Point State Park also seems to be the home of the Anne Arundel County Police Department.  There were plenty of their cars around the park.  Here they are showing off their new Chevy Impala cruiser.

I found these two officers enjoying a chat in their Ford Crown Victoria cruisers.  They are protecting us from the seagulls.

Time to get a little artistic.  And did I mention that the water was REALLY cold?

I like this because of the bright yellow color against the dismal colorless winter background.

What's your favorite winter fishing hole?

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