Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Colorado High School Administrators Hate America

Can you believe this?  You know that political correctness has gone too far when students are not allowed to celebrate the fact that they are Americans.  It may offend the people that are here illegally.  Maybe I'm offended by Greek Heritage month, which is February.  I'm not, but just saying...

Fort Collins High School, located in Fort Collins Colorado, 3400 Lambkin Way, (970) 488-8021, seems to be following the communist doctrine.  Hate America.  They're an evil empire.  But we want their money.  We're not sure why the administrators at Fort Collins hate America.  But gosh dang-it, it ain't patriotic to hate America!

God Bless America, and no one else! (Before you go all bat-shit crazy on me, it's a quote from a movie!)

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