Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Eldersburg Mourns Passing of Habib Rahimi

If you live in Eldersburg, there's a good chance that you knew Habib Rahimi.  If you didn't know him, it's likely that you knew of Habib's Kabob and Bagel Cafe', both of which he owned.

Mr. Rahimi passed away last week after a short battle with cancer.  According to his obituary on Carroll County Times, he was born in Iran in 1950.  He eventually immigrated to the United States and opened the dual restaurant in Oklahoma Center about 20 years ago.

Sadly, the occupants of Oklahoma Center, including The Bagel Cafe and Habib's Kabob, were impacted by a late night fire presumably started in Jin' Asian Bistro.

I'm not sure if either or any restaurants in that strip mall will reopen.  I do know that the Bagel Cafe served the BEST salt bagels with cream cheese.

Sadly, I don't think I have a picture of Habib's Kabob or Bagel Cafe prior to the fire.  

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