Thursday, February 20, 2014

How to Park When It Snows

Did you know that when it snows, you can park however you like?  The only exception is for pick-up trucks.  They can park however they like whenever they like.  Pickup truck drivers have special jackhole privileges - like tailgating, driving with your brights on all the time, using right turn lanes for passing lanes, and driving 50 mph through residential neighborhoods.

If you own a Cadillac and there's a lot of snow in the parking lot at BJ's in Owings Mills, then you can have your car sticking diagonally 10 feet out into the lane.  The funny part about this is that they old man who parked this car saw me taking my camera out and taking a picture of this.  He didn't say anything.  If he asked, I was going to tell him the truth.  "Dude, you're going on my blog for this fantastic parking job!"  I'm actually a little disappointed that he didn't ask.  Actually, I'm A LOT disappointed he didn't ask.

If you work for Conveyor Handling Company (CHC) 410-379-2700 and you drive a van, you use a hybrid of rules between a pick-up truck and a Cadillac owner.  In this case, you drive as far into the snow as you can and park diagonally out into the lane so that other vehicles have trouble passing and so that no one can park next to you.  This is often called the Car Door Dent Protection Method of parking.  And it also gets you free advertising on blogs.

As mentioned previously, if you drive a pick-up truck, you follow no rules.  You are your own person.  Check out these parking jobs from a recent Carrolltowne Elementary school activity.  Since they couldn't find parking closer to the door, they just used the grass medians as their parking spots.  And they get their picture on a blog, too!

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