Sunday, January 19, 2014

Phil Kasten: the Sheriff Candidate With Pancakes!

I had the opportunity to attend Phil Kasten's Pancake Fundraiser on Saturday at the Sykesville Freedom Fire Department.  Phil Kasten is running for sheriff in Carroll County.

Kasten is everything I would expect in a sheriff: tall, thin, athletic, serious, military experience, and police experience.  And did I mention serious?  I'm certainly not poking fun at him.  Imagine a clown like me being sheriff?  No one would take me seriously.  Now that I think about it, I doubt that anyone takes me seriously as it is.  But I'm perfectly fine with that.

Phil Kasten talking with Carroll County residents.
I figured some local dignitaries would be there.  And I was right.  County Commissioner Doug Howard was there, as was current commissioner and House of Candidates candidate Haven Shoemaker, former Freedom Area Citizen Council President Ellen Dix, Delegate Justin Ready, current and soon-to-be retired Carroll County Sheriff Ken Tregonning, and House of Delegate candidate Eric Bouchat.  Unfortunately, I missed Mr. Bouchat.  I'm keenly interested in meeting him as he will be the primary candidate for House of Delegates District 9A, most of which is in Howard County and which my part of Carroll County has been sucked.

After I got my breakfast, I briefly spoke to Mr. Kasten.  He proudly informed me that Carroll County has the lowest Type 1 crime in Maryland.  Type 1 crime includes homicides, assault, battery, rape, robbery, burglary, larceny theft, automobile theft, and arson.

I later spoke to Delegate Justin Ready.  He's a few years younger than me, but is full of energy and very social.  He seems like someone that could be one of your friends - you know, the one that is responsible and actually wants to make a difference.  I mentioned that he lacked a Wikipedia page, which I offered to write.  I asked him if he had any information that he'd like me to add.  He jokingly mentioned that he can bench over 160 and is a part-time superman.  I like a good sense of humor!

At last, I briefly met Mr. Haven Shoemaker, who is a current member of the Carroll County Commission, but is running in a very crowded House of Delegates race for District 5, which includes current Delegate Susan Krebs Justin Ready, Donald Elliott, and Nancy Stocksdale.  More on that later.

Delegate Justin Ready talking with Carroll County residents.

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