Thursday, January 02, 2014

Dude! Coming to Maryland - Pot! Whoa!

Dude!  College kids and former hippy-like heads in Maryland are totally stoked!  Delegate Curt Anderson is working on a like totally gnarly bill that will allow the recreational use of pot in Maryland. Cuz', like, the current law is totally bogus, you know?  Maryland would be following in the footsteps of those totally radical dudes out in Colorado, you know?  Whoa!

Bobby "Rastafarian" Zirkin previously submitted righteous bills to allow the smoking of the grass, but the dudes in the State Senate were totally like, "no way, dude.  We can't have, like, Mary Jane in Maryland."  But now, like polls show that Marylanders are more mellow, and like, more likely to support such a bill.

If such a bill passes, you can certainly expect to hear more people say, "Dude, I'm learning about Cuba and having some food!"  Seriously, dudes, imagine Martin O'Malley - he could totally be like chillin' with some tasty waves, a cool buzz, and be like totally fine. The bill is sponsored by Duncan Hines Brownies.

Would you support a bill allowing the smoking of some doobie in the Free State?


GTRYDER97 said...


sevin said...

Dude!! It's about time!! When I was in "high" school, way back in the 70's, we thought grass would be legal by the time we were 25!!

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