Tuesday, January 07, 2014

How Cold Is It?

What's your best cold joke?

It's so cold that Democrats are keeping their hands in their own pockets.

Why is it so cold?  When Anthony Brown tweeted to Keep Maryland Blue, Ken Ulman turned off everyone's heat.

Even though it's cold, it's still warmer that Anthony Brown's personality.

It's so cold that takes an extra 10 minutes to fry an egg on Anthony Brown's head when he's being interviewed by Jayne Miller and getting angry.

It's so cold that the Martin O'Malley's slush fund is frozen solid.

It's so cold that Democrats are considering burning what's left of the Constitution to keep warm.

It's so cold that Martin O'Malley is considering a cold tax.  It should generate millions.

It's so cold that when Republicans demanded to freeze spending, they reemphasized that it was just spending, nothing else.

It's so cold that Harry Reid decided to have a heated argument with himself to stay warm.

It's so cold that Obama has to smoke IN the White House.

It's so cold that Anthony Brown is now blaming the weather for Maryland's Health Exchange problems.

It's so cold that Kumar Barve is driving under the influence of hot coffee.

It's so cold that Don Dwyer's boat ain't going anywhere.

It's so cold that Al Gore is MIA.

1 comment:

Tony said...

It's so cold that people no longer believe in global warming. Oh wait they still do!

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