Thursday, August 01, 2013

O'Malley Raising Money For Unspecified Potential Federal Campaign Sometime in the Future

Can Maryland Governor and superfly rockstar Martin O'Malley be any more ambiguous in his recent announcement about raising money?  It seems like everyone knows what he is doing, but he refuses to say what it is.

You may remember that Owe'Malley became the Mayor of Baltimore and its crime back in 1999 when he won the primary against Carl Stokes, current member of the Baltimore City Council, and Lawrence Bell, both of whom destroyed their own campaigns by getting into an idiocy fight during a televised debate.  Martin O'Malley wisely sat there and said little.  Unfortunately, he now says and does too much.

This week Martin "Raising Your Taxes" O'Malley announced that he has raised nearly $500,000 for an unspecified federal campaign sometime in the future.  We all know he wants to run for President, especially if Hillary Clinton doesn't wreck him like she did the integrity of the ambassador's office in Libya.  Will O'Malley meet some thugs in a dark alley that convince him not to run for office?  (Hi, Doug Duncan!)

The Washington Post identified some of O'Malley's donors.  Who says that political payola (pay to play) is illegal or dead?  It's alive and thriving in America and Maryland.

John Coale - this was the most interesting donor on the list.  He's the husband of right-wing Fox News host Greta Van Susteren who talks out of the side of her mouth.  It reminds me of the husband and wife combo of James Carville, the entertaining high-strung left-wing whackadoodle who worked with Bill Clinton and is on the liberal Sunday talk shows to criticize Republicans about everything from their strategy to create jobs to the way they breathe, and his wife Mary Matalin, a moderate Republican consultant to former Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush.

William Dockser - he's a member of the Maryland Port Commission.  He was appointed by Martin "I Can Be Protected By Guns But You Can't" O'Malley in 2007.  Pay back?

David and Pam Zaslav - David is the President and CEO of Discovery Communications (Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, TLC, etc..).  The Maryland-based Discovery Communications tags the Guv in their blog all the time.  They also have one of my all-time favorite pictures of Marty.  Check this out.  Everyone look at the camera.....except you O'Malley.  You look over there instead.

David Gelfand - , a Washington, D.C.-based anti-trust trial lawyer.  I'm suspicious of this one.  What are they up to?  Gonna bust up Google?  Do they want to destroy Wall Street?

With O'Malley starting to ramp of his focus on a future run for an unspecified federal-level office, we can only assume he will be paying less attention to the state he purportedly governs right now.

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