Saturday, August 10, 2013

Martin O'Malley Makes It Official

Martin O'Malley made it official the other day.  It's the news we all knew to be true.  In fact, we've known it to be true for a long time.  The speculation has been there for months, if not years.  Now there is no doubt.

O'Malley had not outright denied it in the past, but he has brushed it off as something that would evaluate and let us know later.  Some news journals have even ranked him against other politicians.  What were the possibilities?

Now - it's official.  Martin O'Malley is the biggest buffoon in the history of Maryland politics.

Oh, and in other news, Martin O'Malley announced that he is building the framework (re: collecting as much money as he can from suckers) for a possible run to run for President of the United States.  This also means that he'll be spending less time in Maryland as the governor.  You know, here in the state.  Taking care of Marylanders.  When instead he'll be gallivanting across the country trying to get his name out there.  Is he spending Marylander's taxes on travelling while he is governor building his "framework"?

Maybe that's a good thing - that he won't be here in the state.  That gives him less time to piss off the 1/3 of the state who lack appropriate representation in state-wide politics.

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