Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Night With Lynryd Skynyrd & Bad Company

I had the pleasure of attending the Lynyrd Skynyrd and Bad Company concert at Jiffy Lube Live (formerly known as Nissan Pavilion, (was it ever known as Datsun Pavilion???)) down in Bristow, Virginia.  I've never been to Jiffy Lube Live, so it was definitely an experience for me.

The drive down there is about an hour and a half from Eldersburg.  The Big E.  E-Burg to the locals.  A friend of a friend drove down....in his car without air conditioning.....on that day it was like 105°.

We hung out in the parking lot for a while (not drinking beer, of course).  There are some RED rednecks down in Vah-ginia.  We were one of the few vehicles there that wasn't a pick-up truck or flying the Confederate battle flag, or both.

I'll tell you what, though.  There's nothing hotter than a chick with a pony tail, a cowboy hat, and cowboy boots.  And there were plenty of them there.  Though most were in their 40's and 50's.  Oh, well.

I've always like Bad Company, the way I like a band that I know many of their songs.  But they put on one hell of a show.  Paul Rodgers is back and he still sounds great.

Here's my fantastic picture that I took with my iPhone, because all entertainment venues prohibit you from bringing DSLRs.  That rule is for our safety, of course.  Do they really think I'm going to be hocking high quality pictures of Bad Company on the open market?  Such an incredibly STUPID rule.

Like anything, it is not worth attending if you cannot do some people-watching.  This old man stole his grandson's clothes and was a dancing fool.  This was before the music started.  Did I mention that he had an enormous hole in his ear?  Ewe!!!

Rock on, brother!!!!

Here are a couple of short videos I recorded with my iPhone.  Sounds great!

Here's the title song Bad Company of Bad Company's first album, which was called Bad Company.

Here's another one I'm sure you know, Feel Like Making Love.

I only recorded on Lynyrd Skynyrd song as it was getting dark and all it was recording was a bright white spot on stage.  This is my favorite Skynyrd song Call Me The Breeze, which is a cover of J.J. Cale's song.

It was a great concert.  I'm glad I sent, despite the fact that I didn't get home until almost 2am.  Ever try to get out of Jiffy Lube Live?  It takes like 2 HOURS!!!

Who's next on my concert list?  I still want to see Def Leppard, Motley Crue, and ZZ Top.  I've never seen them.  Who would you like to see in concert?

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