Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Pap-Pap's in Eldersburg Closed?

Have you noticed that Pap-Pap's is closed?  Someone left a message on my blog about it, so I drove by (about 2 weeks ago).  There's a sign on the door that says, "Sorry we're closed".

I'm not sure if this means they are closed right now, or they are closed permanently.  I can imagine a privately owned business like Pap'Pap's closing for a couple of weeks so that they can take their summer vacation.  But it's hard to tell if this is closed for good or closed for now.

Here's the inside of the store.  It's very barren, though they left the plaques on the wall from all of the sports teams they support.

I checked their website.  It is still up.  I then emailed them, but got no response.

Does anyone know the details?


Meand3Jays said...

What I heard from the Sykesville Rumor Mill was that they were closing due to the economy. Apparently, the owners told the employees that it was a possibility, then Monday morning decided they would close Wednesday. I'm just glad we went there on Tuesday night for our $5 whole sub, blissfully unaware it would be our last. I really like your blog, btw. I found it one day while doing an internet search for Plazuelas. One of the few local bloggers, if not the only one.

Shawn l said...

I called their phone number, it has been disconnected. I am guess they are gone. Its sad the little businesses are dying off slowly but surely.

DomCal said...

Too bad. It was a good place to get decent food, fast and at reasonable prices. I hope they come back or put something good there.

Murfy said...

So sad. I have a multi food allergic child, and they were probably the only place that brought out ingredient labels if they weren't sure of anything. They were so nice and helpful.

HON said...

Pap Paps were one of the older Eldersburg family run businesses who lived in the area. I used to really like their "real" crumbled bacon topping pizza before they stopped offering it. Harkens back to the early days of the Carrolltown Mall & Georges Superthrift Grocery store, which was a good time in Eldersburg when everyone seemed to know one another & the merchants. Many seem to forget Kmart in its early days & how they supported the community & offered good prices & service when there was little competition in the area. I often view the moving of the Carrolltown movie theaters to a separate building as leading to the demise of many stores in Carrolltown since movie goers who would browse the mall before & after movies would now just see a movie or drop the kids off & then go right home. The Carrolltown Mall, Kmart & family eateries like PJ's restaurant were great places to see & talk with your neighbors. Kind of the nostalgia people feel for those small towns of the good old days when time seemed to move at a slower pace & families socialized more than they do today. - Damn Computers!!

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