Monday, November 12, 2012

What Do Republicans Need to Do to Win Back the White House?

Okay, so it's been about a week since the election.  The world didn't end.  No riots in the streets.  The stock market sold off a bit, but other than losing our money, not much has changed.  Except the finger pointing.

I have friends the cover the entire political spectrum.  Some see Obama's reelection as the beginning of a 1,000 year Reich of Democrat rule.  Others are calling for the Republican Party to become more conservative, because they lost the extreme right-wing vote in this election.

So what does the Republican Party need to do to defeat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election?  Let's ignore the fact that Madame Hillary will be 70 years old by the next election.

1) Republicans will not win any national election by making an issue out of abortion.  Abortion has been legal for what, 40 years?  The young generation now accept that as a right.  You're not going to win MORE old white people and Christians by pulling a hard line on abortion.  You can say you're pro-life, but don't make this a key position.  You.  Will.  Lose.

2) If you talk about abortion, don't EVER EVER EVER EVER put rape in the same conversation.  You will lose 99.99% of the time.  And I may be underestimating that percentage.  Any candidate that says that rape victims should be forced to keep their babies should be drug out into the street and be given a sock party.  Not only have you sunk your own campaign, but you are torpedoing the party's chances at a national level.  You can think it all you want, but don't ever say it in public.

3) The Republicans need to realize that they're never going to win another election with the two white guys.  Hispanics are the largest minority in the country now.  They are the fastest growing portion of the population.  If you don't do something to attract their vote, you will never win a national election ever again.  Think Marco Rubio.  Nominating a gay Hispanic woman would definitely help their cause.

4) Republicans need to change the attitude that it's "us versus them".  The Democrats can keep on chanting that line, but if the Republicans want to be seen as inclusive, they need to be above the fracas.

5) Both parties are guilty of this.  Compromise does NOT mean - if you refuse to accept our way of doing things, then we call you an obstructionist.  If we are going to avoid the "fiscal cliff", then compromise is the only answer.  Taxes are going to have to be raised (sorry Republicans).  Cuts will need to be made (sorry Democrats).  Cuts need to be made in both defense AND social welfare projects.  Neither party can expect their pet projects to be off the table.

6) Drop the issue of gay marriage.  Like abortion, you are NOT going to win on this issue, except maybe in Mississippi and South Carolina, but winning those electoral votes is NOT going to win you an election.  The states are already moving toward legalizing gay marriage, let the states decide what is appropriate.  Gay marriage, like women having the right to vote, is becoming socially acceptable.  The hard-right wing faction of the party is just going to have to accept it.

7) If you campaign on smaller government, then actually make the government SMALLER.  (is there some sort of literary term for the fact that I made the word smaller BIGGER?) George W. Bush promised to make the government smaller, but in fact made it bigger than any President since, Carter?  Roosevelt?

8) If you get back in office, do not fight 2 wars at once.  Roosevelt got away with it because the entire world was at war and all good people plus the Russians supported us.

some additions from one of my friends
9) Don't talk about changing the way the country was previously.  Avoid terms like restoring, regaining, taking back, etc...  These are all fighting words and they are all losing words.  Aim for terms about making the country better.  Enhance opportunities.  What will you do to make the future BETTER?  You're not going to win votes by promising to take something away from someone.

10) Get out of conspiracy land.  The birthers need to go away.  Traitorism needs to stop.  Quit trying to delegitimize the other person.

What ideas do you have for making the Republican Party successful again?

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