Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Obama Wins Maryland? What?

I've been asking all of my friends and NONE of them voted for Obama.  How can Obama be winning the Presidential election in Maryland?  All of the major networks are reporting this.  I'm totally baffled.

I think there's an official term for that, but I cannot remember what it is.  Ron Smith was talking about it at one time.

One of the things I hate about election day is the 5 millions signs lining the street and parking lot as you go to your voting center.  And then there's the people that are either volunteering or are paid to harass you outside.  Go away!  I will not listen to you!

How was voting in your area?  In Eldersburg, the line ran out the door.  I fretted and pulled out my book, The Pilgrim's Progress (what was I thinking?).  Fortunately, the line moved fast and I was out of the building in 14 minutes.  I actually timed it.  There were 20-some machines and they were smoking fast.  I only read 2 pages AND I talked to several people that I know.

Another friend in Baltimore County said that it took him nearly 2 hours to vote.  He said that they had about 10 voting machines and it didn't seem too organized.

How did you vote?  I voted for Romney.  As they say, 'if it's broke, fix it'.  It's still broken.  Time to give someone else a turn.

I voted for Timmerman for Congress.  He's getting slugged by Chris Van Hollen.  I'm going to send Van Hollen a map and highlight the roads that he needs to take to get to Carroll County, because I'm pretty sure he's never been here.

I'm tired of my friend Ben.  He's been a politician WAY too long, so I voted for Rob Sobhani.  Looks like Sobhani just donated a lot of his money to advertising firms.

I voted against O'Malley's mean-spirited Congressional districts that disenfranchises African-American voters in Prince George's County and Republican voters in Western Maryland by lumping them together with Montgomery County liberal suburbanites.  Are the districts compact?  No.  Do people in Western Maryland have anything in common with Montgomery County?  Not much.  Is Montgomery County sensitive to the blight and economic struggles in Western Maryland.  Nope.  They're more worried about getting Ramadan recognized as a school holiday.

I voted against allowing illegal aliens the privilege to pay in-state tuition if they pay Maryland income taxes.  If I steal a car, but pay Maryland taxes, can I also pay in-state tuition?  Why is breaking the law one way different than breaking the law another way?

I did not vote on Question 6.  It's not important to me.  I'm not against it.  I'm not for it.  I'll let everyone else decide.

I voted against Question 7 out of principle.  When Bob Ehrlich wanted gambling in Maryland, the Democrats thought it was the worst idea since Al Gore invented the Internet.  Then O'Malley got elected and had a great idea - let's allow gambling in Maryland, then all of a sudden, everyone thought it was awesome!

And then there's the Girl Scouts.  They are ALWAYS there to harass you.  It drives me nuts.  Leave me alone!

And by the way, I can't wait to break into this box of Tagalongs.

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