Wednesday, July 04, 2012

O'Malley's Unprecedented Storm

Most of us are quite aware of how powerful the storm was last Friday.  There are still tens of thousands of homes without power.  Large branches and trees are down throughout the area littering yards, driveways, and roads.  I've encountered several non-functioning traffic lights.  By the way - a traffic light that is not operating becomes a four-way stop.  Hello idiots of the roads!!!  The right-of-way does not go to the jackass who's driving on the bigger road and has the most momentum.

We saw the crawlers on the television and on the Weather Channel warning us of the severe thunderstorm warning.  All week long WBAL's weather report indicated strong possibility of thunderstorms.  It made sense - long stretch of hot weather in the summer.  Isn't that when most big dangerous thunderstorms happen?  Did we ignore the signs?

Apparently to future Presidential candidate Martin O'Malley, Friday's storm was unprecedented.  Never has there been a thunderstorm that caused damage like this with power outages affecting as many people.  I really really really really find that hard to believe.  I even heard a quote where O'Malley say that this storm came out of nowhere.  Was I the only one watching the Weather Channel?  I knew it was going to storm.

After thinking carefully about this, I came to a conclusion.  By saying that everything is unprecedented, O'Malley has an easy fallback every time someone criticizes BGE (O'Malley's private ATM machine), or the state's slow response to helping its citizens.

Why is my electricity still out after 5 days?  This was an unprecedented storm!  No one could have been prepared for the damage wrought by this storm.

Why are there still trees lying across state roads?  This was an unprecedented storm!  No one could have been prepared for the damage wrought by this storm.

My favorite quote - "There is no one who will have his boot further up Pepco's behind or BGE's than I will," O'Malley said. "We've got a lot of people who are suffering right now."

Seriously?  BGE and Pepco know they have to get the work done.  Without the power being restored, they're losing money on electricity consumption.  And their reputation is always at stake when they have thousands of customers without power.  Do they really need a grandstanding from Martin O'Malley?  "Look at me!  I yelled at the electric companies to move forward faster!"  Yadda-yadda-yadda.

By the way, big thank you to Canadian utility company Hydro One, United Illuminating and Connecticut Light and power, obviously from Connecticut, and several others that I know are here, but I cannot seem to find mention of in the annals of the Internet.  

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Kent Allard said...

What's truly unprecedented is the blind stupidity of Marylanders who voted O'Malley back in for a 2nd term. Yeah, Marty, YOU sure do have a lot of people suffering right now and it isn't because of power outages, Pepco, or BGE. He needs a Lineman's boot up his behind.

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