Sunday, July 08, 2012

K-Mart's Closed at Carrolltown Center - Now What?

As all of Eldersburg knows, the K-Mart in Carrolltown Center finally closed, much to the chagrin of people who love to support failing businesses that are an eye sore to the community.  These people are too short-sighted or ignorant to see the economic benefits generated by a new shopping center with stores that actually cater to the middle to upper middle class residents of South Carroll.

Unfortunately, Black Oak Associates seems think more about how Carroll County borders lower -income and economically-depressed Randallstown rather than economically thriving (relatively speaking) upper middle class Howard County to our direct south.

K-Mart wasn't closed for 12 hours when the sign was ripped off of the fa├žade.  Now it looks like......a former K-Mart.  Hopefully they'll fill this open space with a flea market.  I'm kidding.  But don't be surprised if that's what they do.

Blockbuster is closed.  And empty.  And abandoned.

As is the former Goodyear Tire store connected to the former K-Mart.

As is the former Peebles.  Haven't heard any more on the rumor that Gold's Gym will be occupying this space.  Can you image that?  The elipticals are over in men's shoes.  The treadmills are over in women's lingerie.  And the free weights are next to the fragrance counters.

This was a movie theater.  Years ago.  Now it's a brick building with a leaky roof.  Don't you wish there was a thriving movie theater in Eldersburg?

So, Black Oak Associates....what's your plan?  Are you going to do something with this mall?  You said that the obstacle to your grandiose plans was K-Mart.  It is no longer your obstacle.  Does that mean that your plans are full-steam ahead?  Or are you waiting for "economic conditions to improve"?  Because you could be waiting years, which means we'll be waiting even more years.  We want a shopping destination in Eldersburg.  Now.  Make it happen!

What do you want in the NEW Carrolltown Center?


Unknown said...

I'd like to see a big 20 screen movie theater. The small theater in Westminster is fine, but I'm getting sick of having to go up to Gettysburg or Hanover for the less popular movies.

Dodgerk said...

I would like any of these- Barnes & Noble, Target, Wegmans, Hobby Lobby
My kids would like- Trader Joes, Movie Theatre, DICK's

Unknown said...

These suggestions crack me up... 20 screen theater??? Wegmans???? Really??? Folks the reality is the retail market in this county was saturated. Why do you think the Mall in Owings Mills failed? Seriously do you really measure the success of a community by how many strip malls and retail spaces they have? Wake up people! go to the Target web site and search on "find a store". Gee there are only 5 nearby Target stores! Gosh I guess we better build one in our backyard then. I guess the goal is to make Liberty road look just like route 140 eh? So attractive. Because... you know... we need tons of businesses selling cheap foreign goods and hiring minimum wage employees. And when those business start going down you can just slash and burn strip malls all the way to Winfield.

Kent Allard said...

Unknown asked "Why do you think the Mall in Owings Mills failed?"
I'm going to go out on not so politically correct limb here and tell you why it failed. I remember when that mall opened, how upscale it was at that time and what Owings Mills was like back then. Unfortunately I also witnessed its decline and remeber when it was nicknamed "Car Jack Mills" "Retail market saturation in this county" isn't to blame. Do a wikipedia search on Owings Mills Mall and read the history section.

Here are some excerpts:
"Owings Mills Mall is also located within close proximity to the Owings Mills Metro Subway Station. When the Baltimore Metro Subway first opened to Owings Mills in 1987, though shuttle bus service was provided, a long walk was possible along a trail between the two locations. In 1992, a woman was murdered while walking on this trail."

Here's another, and the true root of its failure:

"As a result of the renovations at other local Baltimore area suburban malls and crime committed in and around the mall, and the shift in the socio-economic climate of the community surrounding the mall, Owings Mills Mall steadily lost business since that time."

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