Friday, July 06, 2012

Maryland Public Service Commission: BGE Must Be Punished for Every Thunderstorm

Doesn't that seem to be the message that's being sent from the state agency run by O'Malley's unqualified cronies that he promised to put to put in that position?  Why does BGE want to be in business in Maryland?  Everyone hates them, the state of Maryland is always fining them and demanding money from them, which in educated parlance is called extortion.  Oh, that's right.  BGE gave up and soon they'll be Exelon and it'll be their problem.

Today, O'Malley's PSC puppet Doug Nazarian announced that there will be an investigation of the power outages suffered by Pepco and BGE customers and the subsequent power restoration efforts of those companies in the Maryland area from last week's "unprecedented" thunderstorms.  There's great suspicion about them.  And it's also a good time to demand more money from them as the election is coming up.  It always looks good to fine the big greedy corporations right before the election to show the voters how much you care about them.

Mr. Nazarian underhandedly criticized both utility companies for not being prepared for the storm and not being able to adequately respond to it.  Didn't O'Malley just say the other day that there was no way to prepare for a storm like this?  I guess he meant himself and not anyone else.  Everyone else who wasn't prepared is incompetent and this will not be tolerated while the hard-working people of Maryland are suffering in these tough economic times, I mean during this unbearable weather.

Fortunately, almost everyone's power has been restored.  The last estimate I heard was that all power should be restored by the end of the weekend - just in time for this unbearable heat wave to break.  I followed a convoy of trucks from Florida on our way to the Mall in Columbia this evening.  I thought I'd be able to remember the name, but darn if I didn't forget already, otherwise I'd give them a big shout-out.  It was something like Fichen Power, or Fisher Power.  But I cannot find anything with their name on it.  But they had Florida license plates.  Thank you unnamed Florida utility company!

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