Friday, July 20, 2012

Gone from Eldersburg - His Way Christian Booksellers

Can you tell I was at Freedom Village lately?  I needed a haircut and my usual connection had other obligations, and my hair couldn't wait any longer, so I made it to the new Sports Clips place, which has been there about 9 months.  It's in the space previously occupied by the Fast Frame.  But I digress.

It appears that the His Way Christian Booksellers store has closed.  Clues that point at this conclusion in include the missing sign and the empty space.  I never went to this store, but figure that this should be a successful business in God-loving Carroll County.  But I guess in this bad economy that Obama inherited from George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan, and which Martin O'Malley inherited from Bob Ehrlich, even God is suffering.

Perhaps they could put a Costco and a Target in its place.

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