Friday, July 13, 2012

Another Eldersburg Murder?

There was a shooting at the Harvest Farm Inn either last night or this morning.  I passed the place this morning on my way to work and there were multiple state police cars, plain wrappers, a homicide crime scene van, cameras, and those markers for bullet casings - all near the front door.  Rumor is that one person is dead with multiple bullet wounds to the face.

I've lived in Eldersburg for 13 years.  Small crime.  In the last couple of months - 2 murders.  What the hell is going on?

Welcome to Randallstown. 


Dodgerk said...

Where is the Harvest Farm Inn?

Chris Lawrence said...

Right across from the food lion.. Rt 26 towards the bridge

Shelton said...

Its a very nice place.. But these teens dont have nothing else to do in this small town.

Kent Allard said...

Its just Harvest Inn, no "Farm" involved in the name. Shelton, it wasn't teens. The victims were from Sykesville, the shooter from Westminster. Here's the details:

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