Friday, April 13, 2012

Moms With Muffin Tops!

Carrolltowne Elementary School's annual event to get working mothers to pretend to pay attention to their children for one morning is coming up. Moms with Muffin Tops will be held on Friday, April 20th. Dad get their day, too, in May - Dads & Donuts, though less insulting. Don't miss it!

Here's the memo from the school:

This is just a friendly reminder for parents planning to attend the Moms and Muffins event on Friday, April 20th to park in the mall parking lot adjacent to the school and walk to the school to enjoy the event. This will allow ample parking for staff members who arrive after the event begins.

Also, please do not park along Gemini Road or the school entrance road in order to allow safe passage of buses into the school entrance and along Gemini Road.

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