Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Franchot: Mike Miller Needs To Go, I Agree!!!

When Peter Franchot was a member of the Maryland House of Delegates, I freely called him a snake in the grass. My grandfather used that expression all the time when describing people you cannot trust. Just like a snake in the grass, you cannot trust a politician.

My opinion of Mr. Franchot has changed considerably since he succeeded the late William Donald Schaefer as Maryland State Comptroller. He's now the guy in charge of the money. Franchot has stood up to O'Malley and his irresponsible spending addiction. He speaks out against waste and hypocracy, which violates the Democratic Party doctrine. And I like a guy like that regardless of which team he's on.

As you know, the Maryland General Assembly ended its session this week. I think it can accurately be considered an absolute failure. This year O'Malley has succeeded in reducing the budget by negative $1.6 Billion. And how is he paying for this negative reduction spending? He's not!!!

Now the blame game is happening. Republicans are pointing their fingers at O'Malley for spending too much money, money that the shrinking Maryland middle class just does not have.

The Democrats are pointing their fingers at Thomas V. "Mike" Miller, Jr. He held up the tax increases by focusing the Assembly on passing a law for table games, which never happened. Now the state is left with a budget that is not fully funded. And it's Mike's fault, right? Sure, why not. Should he step down? Absolutely. He's been out of touch with the people of Maryland for years now. He's the same clown that said, "Democrats will bury Republicans so deep that they will not raise their heads for another 20 years." Imagine if the tables were turned on that comment. The liberal press would force that person to resignation. He should have been forced to resign on that comment alone.

So where does that leave us, the tax payers of Maryland? Up a creek. Where does that leave O'Malley? He's now in the embarassing position of being required to call a special in order to pay for his spending. This will bring unwanted attention to his predicament. Two special sessions in his tenure as Governor to raise taxes? That's not going to look good in his bid for President. And if you saw the press conference where they signed the last of the bills for the session, you could tell O'Malley was pissed. He said it was a 'damn shame' that the General Assembly couldn't raise more taxes. I think it's a damn shame they didn't cut spending.

So now Peter Franchot has grabbed the spotlight and condemned Mike Miller for holding up a process and pushing through an unfunded budget. He says Mike Miller should 'step aside' for new leadership. I think it's about time. No politician should be in the driver's seat for as long as Mike Miller has. He's too comfortable and arrogant with his power and he's making stupid decisions. Mike Miller, time to step aside.

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