Friday, April 27, 2012

Eldersburg Royal Farms - Where Are You?

If you read local news here in Eldersburg, you'll recall several articles about the Royal Farms that was going to be built on the southwest corner of the Route 26 and Route 32 intersection.  Basically this Royal Farms would be opposite of Exxon, and on the same corner as the Princess Shopping Center

In August of last year the Carroll County Commissioners discussed the proposal to build the new 5,100 square foot convenience store with a 16-pump gas station.  If you've ever been to a Royal Farms, you know that the gas is usually cheaper than Exxon and the "fast" food is pretty good.  The chicken is comparable to the chicken at Martin's, which is one of my favorite fried chickens.  And the deli sandwiches are pretty darn good, too.

Speaking of Martin's, does FACC President Ellen Dix work there or have an active interest in the store?  I was reading this article when looking for an update to the proposal.  It seems like she REALLY likes Martin's and decries the need for a Royal Farms by saying that Martin's is good enough, why would anyone want to go to Royal Farms?  It's a hollow argument full of meaningless echoes.

I've lived in Eldersburg for 13 years and in that entire time no business has ever been open on that corner.  When we moved here the abandoned Korner Karry Out and Milt's Liquor store had the monopoly on local eye sore.  That award was quickly transferred to Carrolltown Center when the KKO and ML were demolished.  Since then the abandoned lot has been sufficiently protected by an equally unattractive big chain link fence.  Why does this land need a fence?  Are they afraid the dog will run out into the road?

So, blog world, do you have any information on the status of this corner?  I'm hoping that my grandchildren will get to see a tax-generating business that provides something to the local community.  Perhaps they're waiting for Martin O'Malley to leave office.

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Kent Allard said...

Yep, that corner definitely needs something other than a chain link fence to fill the void. I'd rather see a Wawa or Sheetz though. Any time I go into a Royal Farms I almost always instantly regret it. Glenelg, Gamber, Timonium, Ocean City, Delaware shore locations, etc its always the same: surly employees, dirty, gas pump receipt printers rarely work or worse...half the pumps are out of order, coffee pots are empty or there's only a little left scorched in the bottom of the pots, drinks from the cooler are barely cold, all the other customers look like pervs or stoners. I keep giving that place chances, and its ALWAYS the same. Not a fan. Can you tell? I guess I have to give them points for being consistent.

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