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2012 Maryland Primary Election Recap

I was really hoping to write a blog post critiquing the candidates prior to the election. But then life happened. Baseball practice on Saturdays and Mondays. My niece's birthday on Saturday. A 10 mile run on Sunday. Work. Work. Work. Oh, and a new washing machine. So instead of a critique, you'll have to settle for a recap.

I think it's no secret the Mitt Romney is going to win the Republican nomination. God help us if Rick Santorum wins. I think there are enough level-headed moderate Republicans that understand that the candidate closer to the center will win the Presidential election. Usually. Nobody seems to like Newt Gingrich. I hear he left his wife when she had cancer. I remember a Democrat who did that - John Edwards. And I honestly think it's looking more and more like Obama will win again. Romney just lacks pizazz.

If you read this blog you know my guy is Ron Paul. Unfortunately, he came in a distant fourth. I guess most Marylanders don't want lower taxes and less government. I guess because we live "next" to the government, there are too many people that rely on MORE taxes and MORE government. If only I lived in South Carolina.

For U.S. Senate, I chose Daniel John Bongino to beat left-wing tax and spend socialist Chris Van Hollen, who won. He seemed to have positions that most closely reflected my own positions. I visited the websites of all the candidates. In the year 2012, if you cannot have a decent website with decent pictures, then you do not deserve to be elected. There was one candidate who looks like he used a cellphone from 1992 to take his profile picture. That may have been Rick Hoover, but his website was taken down already. Another candidate, John B. Kimble, had a website showing a Bible with a gun on it. And seriously, the Welcome Back Kotter hairstyle has got to go. Most of the other candidates didn't interest me.

For Congressional District 8, I couldn't remember who I wanted to vote because I forgot the printout I made with the selections I wanted. Since Gus Alzona was Tlso running to be a delegate to the Republican National Convention representing Ron Paul, I voted for him. However, when I got to work and found my printout, I had selected Ken Timmerman. Timmerman won. So I chose the winner, but didn't vote for him. My bad.

For delegates to the Republican National Convention Congressional District 8, I voted for Guz Alzona (Ron Paul), Michael T. Hargadon (Ron Paul), and my friend Harold Owen (Ron Paul). Harold went with us when we saw Van Halen in 2008. The guy likes Van Halen and Ron Paul! What could possibly be wrong with this guy?!!!

For Board of Education, I voted for Cynthia L. Foley and Matthew Kaliszak. However, my printout showed that I should have voted for Krista M. Kniesler rather than Kaliszak. You can understand how I got those two mixed up, right? Sadly, both of my candidates lost. The winners were Jennifer Seidel and Jim Doolan, two educators who probably have more interest in the status quo and are partial to protecting their jobs as educators rather than having the best interests of the students in mind. They would obviously argue otherwise, but I think it's smart to have a Board of Education of outsiders. If there are 8 members, there should be a small business owner, a member of the planning commission, a stay-at-home mom, a person with no children, a crack whore, a member of a local religious organization, a member of the press, and a student. No teachers. No professional educators. This board must also be diverse in age, sex, religion, political affiliation, and race. Now there's a challenge for you!

Sadly, the I Don't Give A Shit generation was out in force going to McDonald's instead of voting on Tuesday. When I voted after work there were maybe 3 people there voting. I think I've missed voting in any election once since I got married in 1996. Obviously most people don't care if they're governed by qualified people or liberals. Or hard-working people versus communists.

In other state election news, Roscoe Bartlett, the Congressman who formerly represented Carroll County, narrowly defeated challenger David Brinkley. He will go up against John Delaney, who defeated Rob Garagiola. Maryland States Senator Nancy Jacobs will go up against the rotund private-business-seizing, gas-guzzling SUV driver Dutch Ruppersberger. I would love to "Dutch" lose this one. Wouldn't you?

Did you vote? What do you think of the election results?

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Matt Kaliszak said...

I never saw the printout, could you find a copy for me if one still exists?

Matthew A. Kaliszak

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