Monday, March 05, 2012

Tax Season

If anyone is wondering where I am, I'm busy doing my taxes for the next several days for Mr. Peter Franchott and the IRS. How else is O'Malley going to pay for off-shore wind farms? (he says he wants the utility companies to foot the bill. HYSTERICAL!!! They'll never pass those costs back to the consumer. Blah-hahah!!!)

Anyway, since my wife runs an at-home business, I have to add up all the receipts for expenses and do the Schedule C, and this takes freakin' forever!!! No, I won't do your taxes, but you can go to the Elderbsurg H&R Block in the Londontowne Square. I had them do my taxes a couple of times and just replicated what they did afterward. Worked for me.


PF said...

Oh yeah, utilities will pay for it— Classic liberal con game. Up the fees and taxes on business rather than the consumer so they can pay for their pie in the sky schemes and play to idiots who think they're doing them a favor. Naturally they never mention that at no time do businesses ever absorb costs — they can't. Costs ALWAYS get passed down and are ALWAYS paid in the end by you and me. Idiots.

Blogger said...

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