Saturday, March 24, 2012

Baltimore Sun - Clueless As Always

I hate reading the Baltimore Sun, but as Ron Smith said, 'It's the newspaper'. You can't get a lot of the information anywhere else regardless of how poorly it is written, or that they inject opinion into news articles, or that their editorial board is stocked with leftists that would make professors at the University of California at Berkley blush.

In today's Baltimore Sun, take a look at the Question of the Day. The answers do not match the question. This is unacceptable carelessness.

If you cannot quite read it, it says: Two years after President ObamaƂ¿s health care reform was signed, has the law made health care better or worse in the U.S.?

The choices are:



Not Sure.

I'm not sure The Baltimore Sun cares. And I'm not sure about that character problem in "Obama". Is that because of a setting on my computer, or did they mess that up, too?


Kent Allard said...

Don't know what that is. Its pointy, like a dunce cap or clown hat.

PF said...

It's ASCII (or similar) code for the apostrophe that should be there. Apparently whoever posted the question cut and pasted into a piece of web site creation software that couldn't make up its mind what the character was.

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