Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hog Donation to Believe In Tomorrow Foundation

My dad made a wonderful donation to the Believe in Tomorrow Foundation recently. For the past 10 years or so, his 1986 Harley Davidson Heritage Softtail has been sitting in their garage collecting dust. When I was in high school, my bedroom was next to the garage and the turning of the motor in the morning was my alarm clock.

After a while my dad stopped riding. Not sure why. He finally decided he was going to donate his motorcycle. He asked me if Believe in Tomorrow accepted vehicle donations, which they do through an intermediary organization.

The organization that coordinates the retrieval and selling of the vehicle came and loaded the bike onto a rollback truck. After that, the bike was gone. The only thing left were memories.

That is until a month or so later my dad gets a letter in the mail from a guy in Poland letting him know that he bought the bike. The letter was in broken English, but the guy is totally stoked. He got my dad's address from the registration. The seat got torn in transit and one of the police lights in the front was broken. My dad and Lech Walesa then started started trading emails. Lech said that he and his wife will make happy on the bike. I love broken English!!!

Anyway, here's a video that Lech posted on Youtube of the bike. It's pretty cool. They're speaking in Polish (I would assume). Note the truck that it's on - typical Eastern European truck.

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