Friday, March 09, 2012

Doug Gansler Hates the Constitution

I sure do get the impression that Maryalnd Attorney General Doug Gansler hates the Constitution. Or at least parts of it. It seems like he is always trying to suppress the 2nd Amendment. Aren't all of the amendments of the Constitution important???

Last week District Judge Benson Legg ruled that one of Maryland's laws for gun control was unconstitutional. This week, Maryland Attorney General Doug Gansler requested that the courts allow the State of Maryland to continue to ingore parts of the Constitution while they appeal the ruling.

Attorney General Gansler said that it was necessary for Maryland to continue to ignore the 2nd Amendment else it would imperil public safety. I think his statement is an implication that the public is safe right now. Has Mr. Gansler not been to Baltimore, Columbia, Brooklyn Park, Rosedale, Dundalk, Woodlawn, Prince George's County, etc...? I would say that public safety is already in peril in these places.

The current law in Maryland requires that applicants show a good and substantial reason to carry a gun. Personal safety is not an acceptable answer. An undocumented threat by a criminal is not a good reason. The overwhelming majority of applications are denied. And I don't mean 67% of applications. It's nearly 100%.

Who can carry in Maryland? Retired police. People whose profession requires them to carry a weapon, such as police, guards, special police, correctional officer, someone who makes cash\carry deposits, and a lawyer, doctor, or pharmacist who can adequately document a threat. In rare cases, a civilian who can provide evidence of a threat including police report and\or notorized witness statements. Check here for a full list. Otherwise, the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution does not apply to you.

I'm not quite certain if this is correct, but I think criminals do not need to apply for a concealed carry permit. And they don't have to register their guns. Law-abiding citizens: different story. You have less rights. Pray that you won't be a victim. Better yet, stay away from places where you are more likely to be a victim of a crime. Like not in Maryland.

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