Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Massachusetts Exit Poll

In a race that could shock not only Massachusetts, but the entire United States Senate, it appears that Republican Senatorial candidate Scott Brown is edging out Democratic candidate Martha Coakley, the potentially new liberal lapdog of racist Senate Leader Harry Reid.

Could this be another chance for the general public to tell the Congress that their socialized healthcare plan sucks? We already saw Virginia and New Jersey kick out Democrats in a sure sign of protest.

My sources in Massachusetts indicate that the liberals are hanging out in the taverns eating chowda, while the conservatives are thronging to the polls (is that an grammatically clause?).

Obama showed up in Massachusetts the other day to help make Coakley look good, but it may have been the icing on the cake. In what was a 50-50 tie in early polling is showing a 55-45 exit poll in actual voting.

On a funny note, the host of MSNBC's liberal propaganda show, Countdown With Keith Olbermann, Keith Olbermann, is so fired up that has repeatedly peed his pants today and is threatening to call everyone a racist unless the Justice Department nullifies the election and lets him choose the candidate.

What's sad is that all Congress had to do was change some laws on healthcare, such as make preexisting conditions illegal and relax the requirements to get on Medicaid. Had they done that we'd be done talking about this. But instead, Congress wants to re-engineer the entire system and screw the entire population.

I saw a t-shirt on an old man that said, "Shove it down my throat in 2009 and I'll stick it in your ass in 2010!"

For the record, the last Republican to win an election in Massachusetts is Edward Brooke in 1967.

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