Friday, January 29, 2010

Kohl's - Ugh

I got my latest credit card statement from Kohl's and apparently I paid last month's bill twice. Kohl's allows you to schedule a payment and normally I do that. When it's due they take the money from checking account. Last month I got an email that said my payment was due. I didn't remember scheduling a payment and went online to check. I couldn't find that I had scheduled one, so I paid the $179 balance.

Today I see that I have a $179 credit. I did some investigating. If I would like the money back, I will have to request it and I will receive it in approximately 3 months. 3 MONTHS!!!! Why in the cuss does it take Kohl's 3 months to give me a credit to my account? If I was late paying them for 3 months they'd sock my with high late fees.

I should send them a letter and use the same BS language they use in their user agreements:

Please accept this as the new terms of my account. If I do not hear from you within 30 seconds of your receipt of this letter, the terms become effective immediately. For any amount paid in access of the account balance, Kohl's will pay the holder of this account 35% interest per annum due on the last day of the month. Additionally, attractive young associates will accompany me on my next shopping excursion, laugh at all of my jokes, put their arms around me and tell me how awesome I am.

Kohl's. Now that's more like it!

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