Saturday, May 26, 2007

New Netflix Conspiracy?

Anyone have the movie "Bobby" in their queue? I've had it at the top of my queue, as have several of my friends, since its release several weeks ago. The status of the movie has been "Very Long Wait" since the day it was released.

I think there is a wide conspiracy going on. I suspect that the FBI and the CIA have cornered the market on the movie and have no intention of returning it. Are they trying to hide something? Does the assassination really have a tie to Cuba, the mafia or perhaps even the KGB? Or maybe it was an inside job from the FBI or the CIA. Does this movie spill the beans?

The only benefit of such movie cornering action is that they wouldn't be subjected to watching Pan's Labyrinth if that's the next movie in their queue.

1 comment:

Twinkie said...

I think Netflix is doing you a favor by not sending you Bobby!

Perhaps they're trying to force you into adding Deliver Us From Evil in your queue.

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