Friday, November 10, 2006

The State of Race

Howard Dean on African-Americans

Howard Dean, the Chairman of the Democratic party and former candidate for President, is one crazy character. He basically lost the Presidential election when he went nuts on stage and started screaming. It's really fun to listen to.

And you absolutely have to listen to this remix. Hysterical!!!

Now, Howard Dean has never denied that he is a racist communist, so we will have to make the assumption that he is one. First, he is the former Governor of Vermont, a known hot bed of communist activity.

Secondly, is discussing the Democrat's success in the mid-term elections, he criticized Maryland
Democrats to make sure they "do not have another Michael Steele problem." Perpetuating the racism that is integral the Democratic party, they want the African-American vote, but they do not want them in office except for the token show pieces.

My Irish Eyes are Blood-Shot and Watery

Newly elected Governor Martin O'Malley, in an excellent show of timing, released information concerning his drunk driving arrest the day after he was elected. Arresting officers stated that O'Malley reeked of alcohol and was chumming on tobacco to mask the smell of the beer.

Martin O'Malley was then given a sobriety test where in his drunkenness after he refused a breathalyzer test. Why do most people refuse a breathalyzer test? Because they're drunk!!! In the field test, he nearly lost his balance in a heal-to-toe test. He was then asked to stand on one leg and count to 30. Rumor is that he claimed he was a Baltimore City school graduate and it wasn't fair for him to recite complex math, especially when he's stinking drunk.

O'Malley's father, a extraordinary wealthy Montgomery County lawyer, requested a motion to suppress the evidence. The judge granted the request. Why would someone request to suppress the evidence? Because they're guilty!!! Why would someone grant a request to suppress evidence? I can only think of 2 reasons - O'Malley's father either had some way to blackmail the judge or the judge had received political donations to from O'Malley.

Pete's Dragon Franchot

Peter Franchot, the guy that won the State Comptroller position only because he didn't call Donald Schaefer grandpa or Janet Owens Old Mother Hubbard. However, we all know that this guy is a total nut. He's the only Comptroller that I know who ran on a Pro-Choice platform. As Governor Ehrlich said, this guy obviously doesn't know what the position is about. I will contradict that by saying that Mr. Franchot is setting himself up for his own Governor's race in 2010 or 2014.

Mr. Franchot, being the policy advocate Comptroller-elect, is now discussing how we are going to combat global warming. What is his input going to be? A tax on combustion engines? When asked how he is going to fund Thorton, he said the old fashioned way. This is a euphemism for an increase in taxes. Expect a raise in property taxes against the "wealthy" people in Maryland. Sounds good except that he'll probably define "wealthy" as people with a household income greater than $60,000. If you and your spouse make $30,000 each, you're wealthy. This sucks, doesn't it?!!!

Look for a commuter tax, too. If you work in one county and live in another, bamm!!!! It's going to hurt. Peter the Robber Baron said to relax and it won't hurt that much. Isn't that what they say in prison???

New Mayor's Plans for Baltimore

Baltimore's new mayor-default, Sheila Dixon, says she has some great ideas for when she becomes mayor. Not only will all of her family members get jobs (since when has nepotism in Maryland been a problem???), but she also wants to improve the city schools.

Hark! What a great idea! I think O'Malley, Schmoke, Burns, Schaefer, D'Alesandro III, McKeldin, Goodman, Grady, D'Alesandro, Jr, Jackson, Broening, Preston, etc... said the same thing. If you are a former city school student, these are the previous mayors of Baltimore. If you're an educated realist, you'll know that they all failed miserably. If you're a Democrat, you know they worked hard to help the working people of Baltimore.

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