Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Maryland Exit Poll Results

Maryland Exit Poll Results


For everyone who is reading this blog for the first time, all things that are not true on this site are intentionally false. Do not take any false statements to be true statements.

Exit Polls

My continuing exit polling is showing that Bob Ehrlich/Kristin Cox and Michael Steele are leading by a landslide over Martin "Tax it All" O'Malley and Ben "free drivers licenses for everyone" Cardin.

However, someone has found a flaw in my exit polling. I have interviewed people who:

A) Have jobs
B) Have families
C) Are concerned about their future
D) Want the good economy to continue
E) Want to provide our troops with their needed supplies and pay
F) Want to fight terrorism in a responsible and comprehensive manner

There may be a large majority of people in the Blue State of Maryland who do not believe in these things.

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