Wednesday, November 08, 2006

New Mayor Of Baltimore

Baltimore's New Mayor

The saying is that no good deed goes unpunished. Well, in this case, even a bad deed won't go unpunished. By electing Martin "Show Me The Money" O'Malley as governor, Sheila Dixon now becomes the proud mayor of Baltimore.

Chris Rock has a wonderful skit where he says that his mother was yelling at him as a teenager to stay off of drugs because if you are on drugs, what are you going to do with your life? Rock replied, "I could be Mayor!" referring to federally convicted crack user, Washington DC Mayor Marion Berry.

Anyway, all I can say to the people of Baltimore is that you get what get. I predict that Baltimore will be destroyed in a blazing inferno started by incompetent family members running the Department of Public Works. If you're not familiar with Sheila Dixon, check out this previous blog post: Baltimore is in Trouble

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