Monday, May 05, 2014

April - A Month in Review

Late Nite talk show host and purported comedian David Letterman announced that he was retiring in 2015.  This prompted millions to ask the question, "Is he still on television?"  Letterman started losing his audience en masse when his comedy became partisan, and took a bigger dive when Jimmy Fallon took over The Tonight Show with the added bonus that Jimmy Fallon's actually funny.

Beau Biden announced that he was running for Governor of Delaware.  When asked what his qualifications were to run for Governor, he said, "I'm Joe Biden's son!"  Good luck, Delaware.

A South Korean ferry MV Sewol capsized quicker than a New Jersey governor's campaign to run for President.  Sadly, nearly 300 students lost their lives.  The captain was then arrested.  He reportedly told the boat full of students to stay in their quarters rather than seek evacuation, then he himself abandoned ship long before others.

The Los Angeles Clippers proved that time travel does exist.  Clippers owner Donald Sterling traveled from 1968 South Carolina to 2014 and brought with him the racist mentality that had existed and was caught on tape with his trophy girlfriend extolling her for hanging out with "them".

Speaking of sports, the New York Yankees got into a bit of trouble when Hispanic pitcher Michael Pineda got caught with a bucket of pine tar hanging from his neck.  Yankees manager Joe Girardi hinted at some communication problems because Pineda only speaks Spanish.  Maybe there are no Spanish speaking players on the Yankees?  Hahahahaa!!!  Apparently Pineda didn't know you couldn't cheat.  Are the Yankees cheaters or liars?  Or both?

April witnessed the death of the world's tallest short actor Mickey Rooney. Ironically, Rooney was 93 years old and 93 centimeters tall.

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