Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Moved In Eldersburg - Copy Post

This probably happened 6 months ago, but for documentation purposes, here it is.

The Copy Post previously occupied a unit on the bottom back level of Londontowne Square near the MyCare Express.  It has since moved next to Oscar's and Total Discount Liquors in the Eldersburg Plaza.  You may recall that a strip mall church was moving in, but they were shut down when they tried to make renovations without the appropriate permits.

Unfortunately for all of Copy Post's customers, there usually is not a lot of parking in the fire lane.


Brewtime said...

the orginal owner sold the business and retired. which was good because he was one miserable fella who had no customer service skills what so ever.

Dave B said...

That's correct. Joel wasn't the most pleasant business owner

guest said...

I was growled at multiple occasions (guessing by Joel) at the old location.

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