Saturday, May 24, 2014

Port Deposit Fishing Report

In our quest to fish in every county in Maryland, my son, my nephew, and I headed to Port Deposit in Cecil County last weekend.

Our original plan was to go fishing in Harford County at Conowingo Dam, but we had a lot of rain in the few days leading up to the weekend, so we were greeted with this sign.  This is not a sign that my son wants to see.

And they weren't kidding.  Here's the pavilion where you can normally fish.  It tends to be a bit hazardous when there are waves breaking over the sidewalk.

Here's a tree that's mostly underwater.  The worst part is that there were fish jumping like crazy here.  But we couldn't get to them.

This is the water out in the middle of the river.  A wee bit rough.

This is Conowingo dam.  Not all of the locks are open, but enough to make a big mess downstream.

One of the best parts of being at Conowingo is getting to see all of the wildlife.  Here is a black cormorant.

I love this picture of a blue heron flying away from me.

I also saw some orioles, some turkey buzzards, and some ospreys.  Other birdwatchers were there and they said they saw bald eagles, but I wasn't able to find any.

Once I got my fill of natures and pictures, we headed across the dam, then down Route 222 and drove down the east side of the river to Port Deposit.  We stopped at Marina Park and found our spot.  This was our view looking south down the Susquehanna River.  The first bridge is the I-95 Tydings Memorial Bridge, then there is a train bridge, then the Route 40 Thomas J. Hatem bridge, then another railroad bridge.  Lots of bridges.

I snapped this picture of a blue heron flying away from this seagull.  After I took it I realized that he had a fish in his mouth.

We all caught a bunch of white perch, though none were that big.  I probably caught 4 or 5, my son perhaps caught 30 and likewise with my nephew.  We caught nothing else.  Just white perch.  Old Man Jenkins next to us caught a catfish and a small striped bass.

One of the reasons I only caught 4 or 5 fish is that I get easily bored with fishing, so I walk around and take pictures.  Here is the Gerry House where General Marie-Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier de La Fayette, Marquis de La Fayette boarded once.  You may know just him as General Lafayette, one of George Washington's most trusted generals.  Living history!  Though I don't think Lafayette parked his Honda Accord in the alley.

Here is Joe's Grog House, which looks like a cool place to hang out.

The Port Deposit side of the river is very steep.  There is another street at the top of this hill with the terraced wall that has small waterfall running through it.

And what's a fishing trip without a reference to Ayn Rands Atlas Shrugged?  This happened to be spray painted in the back of the Port Deposit Post Office.

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